Together for Humanity Foundation

News / Get involved:
  • Our National Director was on Sunday extra on 15 Apr 2018 talking about his journey to embracing people of different faiths and backgrounds.
  • School visits from our diverse teams still available for 2018.  Please click here.
  • You can foster Intercultural Understanding by learning more from our free online resource.
  • Teachers can do free professional development (NESA accredited) on intercultural understanding.

Together for Humanity Foundation

Our Mission: Development of children’s Intercultural Understanding in Australian schools.

The attitudes we adopt at school age can last a lifetime. Hatred and intolerance, or acceptance and respect are seeded early.  Prejudice and hatred dividing people who differ on matters of faith or cultural origin are a threat to a harmonious Australia.

TFH works in Australian schools to foster tolerance through intercultural understanding. It is an organisation comprised predominantly of Christians, Muslims and Jews, but also includes others who believe in the importance of early intervention.TFH’s teams deliver programs to students aged between 8 and 18. For some children, Together for Humanity school sessions may be the first time in their lives they have met a Jew or a Muslim. Such encounters can be powerful.

Established in 2002, we have worked with more than 100,000 Australian students and teachers in primary and secondary schools across the nation. We also have three online professional development courses and a wide range of resources for use by teachers, students and the general community.

Activities in schools and the community supported by…

Department of Social Services