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How You Can Help

There are a number of ways you can support Together for Humanity and the work we do. These include:

Day to Day Behaviour

The effectiveness of the Foundation’s work in schools will be enhanced by the positive day-to-day behaviour of role models in local communities. You will be complementing our work if you:

  • Focus on similarity within differences – more on what unites Australians as a community than the things that divide;
  • Seek to find the common ground that you share with people of opposing views, and collaborate with them;
  • Acknowledge that many of us know very little about other groups, and try to learn more;
  • Challenge, in a respectful manner, negative statements about people of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds;
  • Be mindful of difference within similarity, and distinguish between the poor behaviour of a few members of a group and the behaviour of the whole group;
  • Exercise your democratic right of free speech wisely and be mindful of the harm that may inadvertently result from harsh talk in certain contexts, where the costs outweigh the benefits;
  • Use controlled, carefully chosen language when you disapprove of are disappointed by the actions of others.

Together for Humanity believes that its work in schools, backed by parental support in the home and the example of role models in the wider community, has the potential to reduce prejudice in Australia and cultivate a more harmonious society.

Invite Us To Your School

If you think students at your school would benefit from one of our multi-faith school workshops, you can book here. If you are a parent and you would like us to visit your child’s school, get in contact with your school’s principal and refer them to our site.


As a not-for-profit, we rely heavily on the work of volunteers. If you are passionate about interfaith and intercultural education, why not volunteer as one of our school workshop facilitators? These positions are extremely rewarding, allowing you to work as part of a multi-faith team to directly educate students about different faiths and cultures, teaching them to replace sterotypes and prejudice with understanding and respect in a way that is fun and engaging. To find out more, click here.


If you would like to support our activities in schools but don’t have the time to volunteer, you can donate here.

Promote and Share our Resources

You can help us by spreading the word about our school programs as well as our website Difference Differently which provides resources for teachers and students. The site also offers 3 modules which NSW teachers can complete to contribute towards their professional development. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our content on your own social networks.


Take the #EIDchallenge

We want you to take the #EIDchallenge ( Eid interaction difference challenge)

Give your interaction for difference a boost while celebrating EID with the support of Crescent Wealth at Luna Park Sunday 16th June 2019


More details about the Crescent Wealth  Luna Park EID celebration event can be found here:
Using #EIDchallenge upload your photo at TFH’s  Facebook, snap chat, Instagram or twitter feeds  of you and somebody you don’t know  ( or  know) that has a different background to you. Your photo should have a sentence that reflects this amazing interaction and what you have learnt from it.
Winning images will be highlighted on all our social media platforms with some amazing give aways!