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Together For Humanity fosters students’ interfaith and intercultural understanding, and in doing so, brings communities together.

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Together For Humanity is an inclusive educational organisation that works with schools to foster intercultural understanding and help students learn how to deal with differences. We stand for acceptance of every person regardless of race, ethnicity or faith.


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We offer a range of face-to-face and online programs linked to the Australian Curriculum that help foster greater connection and inclusion among students.

Acceptance, Belonging and Connectedness through Discovery (ABCD)
Online Learning
Teacher Professional Development
Intercultural Understanding Partnership (ICUP)
Community Workshops


“I rate TFH’s program 10/10 – it was raw and real! The presenters were outstanding and I loved every minute. I wish it had been longer!”

Team Leader, Services Australia

“Together For Humanity runs essential programs. What they do lies at the core of turning things around.”

Parent participant, Interschools Program

“I’m more open now, more open to everyone. When I see someone, I say ‘hi’ to them, I don’t just put my head down and walk off. I’ve been more interacting, more understanding. And it’s given me more insight to everyone around me.”

Student who participated in TFH program

“We’ve been involved with Together For Humanity and the interfaith program for over 12 years, and I’ve seen waves of year 6 children go through and benefit enormously from developing that intercultural understanding. It’s been magnificent.”

Principal, Mt. Sinai College


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Activities for students that explore the opportunities and challenges that diversity creates

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