Get involved – Become A Presenter

Get involved – Become a presenter/Facilitator

Presenters or facilitators work as part of a multi-faith team to conduct workshops in Primary or Secondary schools which are creative, engaging, interactive and have an element of fun.

Presenters are selected for their ability to reflect with dignity their respective communities and serve as powerful role-models of living and working in harmony.

Training is provided and you are welcome to observe, or assist, in delivering a session before accepting an offer to join us.

Call us to discuss joining our team.

Presenters must:

  • demonstrate a strong commitment  to reduce intolerance and a willingness to engage with people from faith and cultures different to themselves
  • be able to model profound respect for the opinions/beliefs of others and have a willingness to explain their own faith without seeking to persuade others of the merits of that faith
  • possess an engaging personality with a “fun” element and a relaxed, sincere approach which will appeal to children
  • have the ability to present to groups ranging from 30 to 200 students
  • have a valid Working With Children Check.

Our school teams comprise members who are either:

  • an active member of one of the participating faith communities – Jew, Muslim, Christian OR
  • have an Indigenous heritage, with a level of knowledge/participation that is acceptable to the representatives of that community in which we will be working OR
  • as atheists or agnostics who are able to discuss their philosophy and approach to life.

Educate yourself and others

Please take a moment to see some of our videos and if you like them, please share them on social media to raise awareness.

The Bat Story – an Inclusion folk tale

Ben: If you believe in your religion does that mean everyone else is wrong?

Sujato: Why do you dress that way?

Krishe: Location and disadvantage

Haisam: Why do you dress the way you do?

Meg: Have you been discriminated against?

Sarah: Does your culture influence the way you feel about food?

Ed: Do non-religious people still have beliefs?