Intercultural Understanding Partnership

Intercultural Understanding

The Intercultural Understanding Partnership (ICUP) is an initiative created by Together for Humanity (TFH). The ICUP provides opportunities for a number of schools to work closely with TFH to address a cross-cultural and/or interfaith challenge in their school community.

The initiative has been funded by the Australian Government and each of the partner schools will receive up to $15,000 over two years to support its participation.

The ICUP has grown out of the Good Practice program work TFH has undertaken with schools over the last two years. See one example in this video, or click here for more examples.

Alignment with curriculum

The ICUP is underpinned by the General Capability of Intercultural Understanding in the Australian Curriculum, and places value on the three dispositions – expressing empathy, demonstrating respect and taking responsibility. ICUP can also help schools address the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework, particularly within the Inclusion and Partnerships elements.

Is your school a potential partner school?

If you are an Australian school with a cross-cultural or interfaith challenge in your school community, then you are eligible to apply.

Perhaps you have initiated one or more programs to address this challenge and you may have had some successes. However, you recognise that you haven’t achieved as much change as you thought would happen.

What we offer partner schools:

Working in partnership with TFH, schools will receive time with and expertise from our education team and the financial resources to allow staff the time to meet and plan.

– Expertise

Together for Humanity (TFH) has an experienced team of educators from diverse cultural and faith backgrounds who work with you to develop or adjust programs to address your cross-cultural or interfaith challenge.

TFH also has a strong network of colleagues we can call upon for advice and support to address specific issues raised by schools that are outside the expertise of the educational team. This wider support team includes academics from Western Sydney University (WSU) who can provide advice to a school on how to evaluate its program and can also provide feedback on their progress.

– Training

Teachers can access our free online professional learning programs related to Intercultural Understanding including our new Cohesion in Diversity course. The TFH education team can also provide face-to-face training for school staff. All training courses are linked to Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and, for teachers in NSW, are NESA accredited.

– Financial support

Partner schools will also receive financial support, primarily to pay for teacher release time for activities such as curriculum planning, professional development, and community engagement planning and activities. Each of the partner schools will receive up to $15,000 over two years to support its participation.