Our Programs

For Primary schools 

Years 3/4   Celebrating Our Diverse Communities

This program is all about embracing the diversity found in our communities. Our presenters share their own stories to explore celebrations of significance to them and others. Students explore inclusion and are challenged to make sure everyone feels as if they belong – in classrooms, communities and the nation.

Years 5/6  A Nation of Diversity and Connection

We lead students on an exploration of similarities, differences and relationships between people, places, cultures, customs, beliefs, and perceptions. Students consider what this means for Australia and learn about the impact of stereotypes as our presenters share stories about migration and encourage student questions.


For Secondary Schools 

Years 7/8  Dealing with Difference

This program challenges students to consider their own reactions, assumptions and perspectives when dealing with difference. They explore the implications of living in a diverse society, and reflect on their responsibilities as individuals and Australians.

Years 9/10  The Shaping of Our Diverse Nation

Students explore how immigration has shaped Australia, and the benefits and challenges it has brought. Sharing their personal stories, our presenters  issues relation to human well-being  and help students develop the skills needed to navigate diversity in the community and nation.

Years 11/12  Our Place in Our World

Drawing on their personal experience , our team of Jewish, Muslim and Christian presenters explore the impacts of assumptions,stereotypes and media portrayal of their cultural heritage and/or religious traditions. Students will critically reflect on their own experiences of navigating diversity and reflect on the challenges and benefits  of living and working in a culturally diverse society. In this frank and open program, presenters also welcome student questions regarding their religious practice and personal experiences through a Q & A session. .

Senior programs can be customised to focus on a number of topics including Intercultural  Communication skills and religious beliefs, practices and ethics for Studies of Religion, Society and Culture and Legal Studies students. We also offer Intercultural Communication programs targeted to school leaders and SRC teams that provide students with skills and tools to enable students to develop their ICU skills and guide their leadership in fostering more inclusive student communities.


Tailored Programs 

ABCD. Acceptance Belonging, Connectedness, through Discovery 

This courses have been specifically created to engage students from disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds. Our core units explore the themes of prejudice, justice, citizenship, identity and culture to support students as they explore their complex Australian identities. We work closely with the school staff to develop elective units that are of interest to the students and school. The course aims to build students Intercultural Understanding along with Personal and Social Capabilities to build critical thinking and resilience. Each week the students deepen their understanding on their own personal identity and experiences through an exploration of culture, prejudice, conflict and alienation along with customised topics negotiated by the school and students.

Inter-School Days

Our Interschool Days bring together three schools from diverse backgrounds to explore diversity, difference and our common humanity. Students engage in interactive and experiential learning activities to explore issues relating to cultural diversity, Australian citizenship and values.

Enquires: bookings@togetherforhumanity.org.au   or  0468 705 665