School Workshops

School Workshops

Together for Humanity offers workshops for students and teachers in Australian public and private schools. Your students will be able to join the 75,000 students who have enjoyed and benefited from our programs.

Thanks to generous funding from the Department of Social Services, we are offering all our school programs absolutely FREE during 2016.

The Programmes

Together for Humanity is now offering various programs for schools. All programs are run by our teams of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and often indigenous presenters.

1. Celebrations of Our Diverse Communities — For Stage Two History (Community and Remembrance):

This workshop is a one-hour interactive presentation that supports and enriches the NSW syllabus. This workshop engages students in exploring common and diverse celebrations of significance in Australia and the world. Our Muslim, Jewish and Christian presenters share stories of their own celebrations and challenge assumptions.

  • Program suitable for Years 3-4
  • Assembly style, suitable for up to 150 students
  • Expands cross cultural understanding, develops appreciation of diverse celebrations
  • To download a brochure, click here

2. Our Diverse and Connected People and Places — For Stage Three History (Australia as a nation) and Geography (a diverse and connected world):

In this workshop students hear stories relating to how migrants have contributed to Australian society. Our presenters lead students on an exploration of similarities, differences and relationships between people, places, cultures, customs and beliefs, perceptions and the importance of intercultural understanding.

  • Program suitable for Years 5-6
  • Assembly style, suitable for up to 150 students
  • Expands cross cultural understanding, develops appreciation of similarity and difference
  • Builds real relationships across cultural and religious difference.
  • To download a brochure, click here

3. Outside the Box Presentation:

Our signature presentation where students learn about diversity, commonality and question assumptions about identity. A diverse group of 3-4 presenters engage with students to unpack the issues of diversity over a one-hour presentation.

  • Programs suitable for years 3-10
  • Comprises one hour presentation
  • Assembly style, suitable for up to 150 students

4. Reaching Out – Interschool Programs:

The Reaching Out program offers a more in-depth experience. Our diverse facilitators challenge and support your students to work with their peers from other schools with backgrounds different to their own. Two or more schools will come together for a minimum of one day once a term for three to four terms, to learn more about diversity.

  • Program suitable for Years 5-10
  • Includes storytelling, values clarification, role play and problem solving
  • Expands cross cultural understanding, develops citizenship and communal responsibility
  • Builds real relationships across cultural and religious difference
  • Option to do joint service project, with ongoing support from Together for Humanity

Evaluation of our Programs

Our Outside the Box and Reaching Out programs have been found to be “educationally effective”. Dr J NAYLER, Independent Evaluation Report, 2009. Read the summary or detailed report.

5. Professional Learning:

Together for Humanity presentations to principals and teachers are available to demonstrate our approach, and to contribute to staff competency regarding intercultural understanding. Teachers are also welcome to register for our professional learning modules on our online educational resource site Difference Differently

6. Standing Your Ground — Belonging and Identity:

Knowing who you are, where you come from, what you believe in, what you strive for and what kind of world you want to contribute to is the foundation of standing your ground. The Belonging and Identity program has been created for students from marginalised, disadvantaged, low Socio-Economic Status (SES) and/or isolated communities. Addressing the needs of students who experience social and peer pressures, traumatic backgrounds, immigration, being a minority, or discrimination.

  • Program suitable for Years 6-10, in a group size of up to 20
  • Offers a balance of relationship building and far reaching examination of important issues such as prejudice, identity, conflict, purpose and engagement
  • Program runs for approximately 12 hours to be divided throughout the year. It is typically delivered in four half/full day programs once a term or in one hour programs fortnightly
  • To download a brochure, click here

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