Volunteer In Our Office

We are constantly welcoming new volunteers. Join us and apply your gifts and talents to benefit others. Areas of participation include:

  • Administration: Volunteers are required to assist with school bookings and administration. Tasks including emailing programme information to schools, arranging and diarising bookings, coordinating specific presenters for particular bookings and supervising and organising volunteer groups and individuals. Drafting of correspondence and maintaining records requires a skilled organiser.
  • Bookkeeping: Required to help with the recording of our financial transactions.
  • Educational roles: Educational direction and advice for our material development in both conceptual and written form. Presenters are vital to conduct interactive workshops with primary or high school students. Training Roles to guide and train presenters/role models and youth leaders. We also need trainers to help organise Teacher in-services.
  • Promotional: Fund-raising flair is much appreciated as we have a variety of functions and fund-raisers to co-ordinate each year.
  • Technology: Our small team of Geeks are keen to expand their circle.
  • Strategy and Innovation: Those with marketing and strategic planning expertise are crucial to our mix. We need people who can devise and write plans and review existing plans. Researchers are sought to assist with finding opportunities for community service in local areas prior to school visits. Researchers with skills in Sponsorship and Grant applications to help us acquire information about foundations and corporations are required urgently. Other research pertaining to resources relating to anti-prejudice/inter-religious understanding and cooperation to link to from our website.
  • Blog Skilled writers to assist with contributions to our blog.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact us with a brief message explaining the services you would like to volunteer.