What We Do

What We Do

Changing the way we think of others.

In our school and community workshops participants encounter, often for the first time, a team that might include an Arabic Australian Imam with a great sense of humour, an Aboriginal Elder, a Christian Pacific Islander social worker, a Jewish storyteller or an agnostic.

In some programs schools with students from different backgrounds are brought together to overcome their misconceptions about each other.  Participants develop empathy, freely explore assumptions and commonalities, and discover new ways to respond to differences.

Our pioneering, free intercultural understanding resource for students and teachers has been commissioned and funded by the Commonwealth Government.  It is aligned to the National Curriculum and is being used in schools across Australia and has over 810,750 page views.  See our Difference Differently website.

We also conduct professional learning workshops for teachers.

Changing the way we think of ourselves.

We work with disadvantaged youth who might otherwise feel alienated.  Our aim is to help them feel a sense of belonging and to encourage them to believe that they can participate and contribute to Australian society.


Changing the bigger picture.

We collaborate with other organisations to promote more effective responses to diversity at the communal, regional, systemic, and national level.  Together for Humanity is part of a research project to improve the way intercultural understanding is taught in schools.  The partnership is led by Deakin University and includes RMIT University, the Victoria State Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and Melbourne University.

Other activities include representing Australia at regional interfaith forums, training staff from the QLD police, and advocacy relating to the Australian Curriculum.

For more information about the Intercultural Understanding research project visit http://interculturalunderstanding.org/